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Canadian Jerk 1/5

Named after Haico's
wife who doesn't like spicy food

Ring of Fire 2/5

Type of milder
pepper...not the side effect. Sweet with
fresh peaches!

Red Dawn 2/5

Garlic forward, an easy-
going hot sauce. Name of sauce is The

Riptides 2006 song from their album

Soylent Green 2/5

Made with admiration
for the 1973 classic cult movie...check
the ingredients! Has a Jalapeno lime

Mustard Menace 3/5
Spicy mustard!! Habanero hits HARD!

Haico’s Madame 3/5

5 year anniversary sauce made
with Haico’s favourite pepper, the Madame
Jeanette. Also gives tribute to Haico’s wife. Great
garlic forward everyday sauce!

Hounds of Hell 3/5

Smoked Habaneros increase
the heat. This heat and sweetsauce might get you
50 Shades of Pain 4/5

Sweet but hot enough to feel
the whip tingling your tongue.
Garlic Ghost 4/5

Smooth, hot, keeps vampires at bay!
Garlicky heat with fresh chives and oregano.

Scorpions Kiss 5/5

The kiss of the Scorpion pepper will
give you a pinch and a sting. East Indian style hot
Devils Brew 6/5

The Devil himself finds this spicy!!
Made with the 3 spiciest peppers in the world.
Maple syrup covers up the blazing heat that

Haico's Hot Sauce

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