Welcome to Foodworks

FoodWorks is a social enterprise that engages at-risk youth in Ottawa in the development of culinary skills. Our participants are trained and supervised by world-class chef Bruce Wood. Our goal is  to employ at risk youth, teaching them viable real world kitchen skills. Our customers benefit from a chef prepared high quality from-scratch meal brought directly to their door.

Fresh, Healthy and Nutritious Meals

Each meal is prepared fresh and delivered to your door. Much of our ingredients, when possible, are sourced locally and organically.

Convenient Schedule

Our fresh meals are delivered freshly from our kitchen to your door between 1:00pm-5:00 pm each Monday and Wednesday. If you are not home during this time, you can always leave a cooler bag at the door for us.

Affordable Pricing

Each meal costs only $9.50 flat. We also offer optional dessert for an additional $2.00. Please note that we are unable to accommodate any allergies at this time.

Stronger Community

FoodWorks is dedicated to providing fresh and delicious chef quality meals.  Give the gift of FoodWorks! Long term packages available for those recovering from an illness or surgery, and elderly, students and new parents.

At Your Service

Interested in signing up? Give the gift of FoodWorks! Order by clicking the ORDER link at the top of the page. It’s fast, easy and convenient. We also accept referrals from health care professionals.